How can I make sure that a sculpture I would like to acquire, fits in the space I want to place it?

If you are interested in a sculpture, and you would like to see how it fits on a specific space, you can send us a photo at juandiegomiguel@juandiegomiguel.com of the space together with its measures, and with in the shortest time we will be sending you an image with the piece within the space.

How can I ensure that a work is real and authentic?

All Juan Diego Miguel's artworks are certified by a certificate of Authenticity (COA). A certificate of authenticity (COA) is a document from an authoritative source that verifies the artwork’s authenticity. Our COAs are signed by Juan Diego Miguel.

COAs typically include the name of the artist, the details (title, date, medium, dimensions) of the work in question, and whenever possible an image of the work.

How can I tell whether an artwork is available?

In the Artwork Page, you can select the "Only available artworks" option in the filter's panel to visualice only the artworks that are available.

How can I buy an artwork?

For more information about purchasing an original artwork, follow this link.